Sunday, December 07, 2008

Secret Santa Hopes to Come to Grand Bassam!

What do you know! Remember the students in the French class? The ones who got gifts to send to Bingerville last holiday season? Well, they want to do it again!

The French teacher, Karen told me a couple of weeks ago that the students were all psyched about getting the girls some gifts this year, so they've started a campaign. They've got over 100 girls' names, and they are collecting gifts for them until December 13th or so.

Unfortunately, like last year, the problem is shipping. We thought we had a solution -- Toy's for Tots in CI wanted to help out, but turns out they can't. So now, Karen is on her own.

Its hard since I am not there to help. But, like last year, I am confident a solution will come. Maybe some of you out there will be part of it.

If anyone is interested in helping out, PLEASE contact me ASAP at and I'll put you in touch with Karen.

Thanks in advance....

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