Friday, February 13, 2009

Building an eLibrary at OGB

A few weeks ago, we started working with a few students on building a blog for the school - an electric library of their own. What is an electric library or eLibrary, you ask? Well, it's a starting point for school work, research, finding answers, etc. Links for various services, such as an online catalog, research databases, and selected websites are added to your typical eLibrary to make it easier for the target group to find what they need. Electric libraries are also center for sharing news, doing book talks, and all kinds of new uses that are now possible due to all of the new social networking services. The point is to make it easier to tune into, discuss, and share the most relevant and reliable sources of info, as opposed to sitting with a book and candle, or just doing your own Google search, and having to evaluate each link for the quality of its content, etc.

What we're hoping to do here in Cote d'Ivoire is to have students at both ICSA and OGB working together. So in both schools, students are learning how to use a couple of popular blog softwares -- Blogger and Wordpress. Wordpress is a great blogging tool that is used by lots of libraries in the United States, so this is probably te he one we'll be sticin with here. Take a look at the work students (and staff!) have done so far at ICSA's LITCenter_eLibrary@I.C.S.A!
(that's and here's the beginnings of the OGB e.Biblio
(that's ). Students at OGB are currently building their own sites on Blogger, to get used to the idea, since Blogger provides an easier interface for adding content. Later, they'll be using Wordpress and adding to the electric library for the school.

A big part of this is going to involve locating content to include in the blog. We need French language resources and websites that are of use to students here. So that's my bigt challenge, and part of what we hope the students at ICSA will help provide,. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know knows of some good quality, fun and interesting sites for research and school work, IN FRENCH! please pass it on!

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