Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trumpet's Women's Day Success!

Celebrating What One Woman Can Do!, one woman at a time, at Trumpet's!

Photos Absolutely by COURTESY of John Meixner. Thanks ,John!

What a fab event! So much fun! Such interesting people! Learned tons...AND presented the PPT about our cause! Congratulations, to Trumpet's owner, Kristine Massari, and to Caryl Lucas , as well, who both presented, AND was Master of Ceremonies -- and brought it all together in her usual good embrace, of warmth and positivitiy.

After a brief intro to the org and the cause, I played a slide show, and it accompanied by a musical performance by incredible artists (I STILL can't believe the support and love they showed! WHAT a donation to the cause! Thank you all again, from the heart...) from the left in the red jacket, the amazing Akua Dixon, the fabulous Saundra Silliman and the man with the beat ("give the drumma some!") was David Silliman. (Oh yeah, and that's me in zoot suit!)

They played a rendition that mixed African drum beats with a jazzy bluesy Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World (you know, "I See Skys of Blue... ") and it was so beautifully done, it literally brought tears to my eyes....And they absolutely blew the audience as well...Music is an amazing thing...

(PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Go SEE AND HEAR these folks! Not only will you enjoy the show, but really, they donated their skills for the evening, and that needs to be supported, too. And when you go, please tell 'em I say "Hey!" and that I sent cha!)

ADDITIONAL KUDOS to these friends and supporters: Audie Odum-Stellato who taught us about women's power through Middle Eastern Bellydance. She's a great instructor and has really neat retreats up near Woodstock every summer...check it out!) And also to - Barbara Michaels. and friend Randy, of the New York Comedy Club's Grown Ups Playground, who helped us to remember that laughter is great medicine, with her and Randy's raucaus and...uh...really memorable, and highly emotional "bus ride to the Obama rally! Funny, girls! So please support them, and ALL of the presenters! (see last post)

Below, another one of the participants joined me to share stories about her work with a ministry to provide books to a village in Nigeria, and we were making the point of how much good $5.00 can do there...In most parts of Africa, you can buy SO much for $5 - like $20.00, maybe $30.00 worth of stuff here... and how frequently and easily we just toss away $5 bucks, without hardly thinking about it...For the price of a McD's meal you could buy a few books for a library, feed a family three meals for a couple of days or more!! I mean, seriously... Thanks SO much to those who chose to help these kids out. And we're counting down, now, too, to our JUNETEENTH (6/19) DEADLINE! $10,000!!!...

Oh, and BTW, the important news:
Donations totaled about $300.00! Thanks to everyone! Details to follow.
But, obviously, that is still a looooonnggg way to go before our Juneteenth goal of $10,000 for costs of shipping computers (expected to be donated by a local high school) and costs of purchasing books, videos, etc. But, I just feel that we will make it. Anyway, we'll do our best.
A BIG even is in the makings for MAY, so keep checking in...!

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