Monday, December 10, 2007

Jazzman Bob Baldwin and Trumpets Add Their 2¢ to the Cause

What a night! Apparently, Secret Santa's Elves now include jazz man Bob Baldwin and the Trumpets Jazz Club and Restaurant of Montclair! Last Saturday at Trumpets, during Bob's Saturday evening performance of his latest work, he announced that a portion of his proceeds for the evening would go to support the Bingerville Boys School project! So not only did the audience get a real cool jazz evening, they also helped out the cause.

The event was HOT! and included other smoking performances from Buddy Williams on the drums and Ragan Whiteside on the flute. Thank you all!!!

I even had a chance to say a few words about the project. Frankly, speaking in front of crowds is really just NOT my thing, but with the encouraging kick to the rear from dear friend (obviously an excellent motivational speaker!) Caryl, and Kristine Massari (owner of Trumpets) pulling from the front, I managed! Turns out, shine a light in my face, and my "few" words quickly became more like "several," none of which I can clearly remember....Oh well!

Thanks to all who attended, for their words of encouragement, warm applause, and generous contributions! Check out the Countdown below for an update on our progress.

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