Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Santa is Getting Ready to Fly

Yesterday was the deadline for students and young philanthropists throughout the area to submit their gifts for the "Secret Santa International" exchange with the students at the Bingerville Boys School.
We matched about 220 of the 233 students with kids from our area. It's been amazing -- kids who had no idea where Cote d'Ivoire was, are now linked to the name of a little boy in that country -- and they have come to care about them.

Now is the hard part. Transporting the gifts. We haven't acheived our $2,000.00 goal yet, but with about $700 in the bank and another $300.00 promised, we're making a dent. We'd like to send them by Friday, so they arrive before school closes (some kids do have a family or guardian to visit with) but it looks like we may have to wait.

If you have been thinking about contributing, now is the time...

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