Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Library Resource Services Can Offer a Helping Hand

Every librarian knows this company. Follett Library Resources. It's one of the services we use to order our books, videos, electronic resources, etc.

We use them because they offer good discounts, and because its one stop shopping - everything you need, search-able by all kinds of things, including how many reviews an item has had, and the reading level. Plus they will do the cataloging for you. Thank the Universe! That's something you have to be born to do.

So, the administrators at Bingerville and I have been sorting through the French language children's books and we're still pulling together a list of African Authored books. If anyone has a suggestion or a French language children's book to donate, PLEASE let me know!!

Follett is one such service, and they have said they could make an account for Bingerville.
Them, when and if people choose to select a title and order it, or better - 20 bucks to put down towards buying some books for the kids - they will be able to make the order directly with Follett, or through CD United!

Cool, huh.

Check them out at Follet International and Follet Library Resources.
I'll get back to you on that.

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