Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ivorians Reaching Back Across the Waters...

Over the past few months, there have been many conversations and meetings and long telephone calls, talking about the needs of these children in Bingerville, and elsewhere in the country.

One thing that everyone agreed on, though, was that these children come from every one's home town. The entire nation is represented in these small faces.

With this in mind, several of the local Ivorian associations have been moved by this project and are seeking to contribute to its success.

The Ivorian Association of Delaware had made an outright promise to seek out its share in the transportation costs, and I feel very confident that they will achieve their goal!

We recently approached the Ivorian Embassy as well, and they were very supportive too, though one can't know about these things...

In addition, a federal organization, Federal Association ded'Amerique du Nord and its local affiliate in NJ are checking there pockets, too.

Several more organizations and individuals are currently on the fence, but everyday they tell me "Don't worry! Its going to come!"

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