Monday, May 19, 2008

Progress! Bingerville to Receive 10 Computers!

Finally, it's official! The Bingerville Library and Computer Information Center is on its way!

While the blog spot has been as quiet as our before picture at the Bingerville Library, there's been lots of activity behind the scenes.

Today , I can finally state with certainty that our school will be providing computers to Bingerville. In a recently announced school news posting they explain how:

"High Tech High School Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher® Thanks to Entrepreneurial Students."

The MAR program requires that a portion of refurbished computers be donated to community and international locations -- and I learned recently that yes, Bingerville will be one of the lucky recipients!

This morning I spoke with one of the students responsible for refurbishing the computers, and he said that he's very excited to be taking part in this effort. All I could say to him was "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" and remind him of the story the Social Worker and Directress at the school told me - that for these boys, Bingerville is a chance - perhaps an only chance. When they graduate at the tender age of 16, they are on their own. With computer skills, they odds may be tipped a little more in their favor. So this is a big thing. A really life changing big thing.
I'll come back to this as it continues, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, check this out, from: Microsoft Unlimited Potential in Africa Website
"Learn about Microsoft's ongoing efforts to increase information and communications technology (ICT) access in Africa through programs and partnerships that strive to create educational opportunities and encourage local economic growth. Watch the video. "

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