Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back in Gear! And On Our Way!!

Whew! Communications breakdowns left me biting my nails, for a time, but finally, breakthrough! 

Turns out everything was ready and waiting, and after a few more phone calls, lots of negotiations, etc., we are finally on our way! 

Our shippment of 10 computers is now in the hands of our shipping agency! At long last! That's Vincent and Ifi, a sweet and funny team who put our order together, re-repackaging (notice outward facing monitors? Perhaps not a good idea...?),  and are safeguarding our precious cargo for the first part of its journey. I plan to call on them frequently and be an annoyance to them! 

Honestly, they were very nice -- Vincent gave me a free French lesson ("all the words that end in -tion are the same! that's one third of the words!"), and they were very enthusiastic about the project, asked me lots of questions, and I showed them the pictures of Jonathon and the other kids at AACT who did the work of refurbishing the 10 computers. VIncent and Iffy want them to know that they will do their best to make sure our cargo gets there, intact and on time!

Vincent processed the job "at cost", and assured me not to worry, "everything would be alright." 

Let's all chant, pray, meditate, or whatever you do that they are right!  
I can't believe how far we've come...and how close we are to success! Still...Plenty more big obstacles are certain to arise..but I am confident in our victory. These kids will get their computers! Until that day, we'll keep pressing on.

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