Wednesday, July 23, 2008

L'incroyable est croyable! The Impossible IS possible!

OK... a lot of people didn't believe...a lot thought it impossible.  A lot thought they will never make it there safely....but look what did happen...

This was the future computer room in October, when I first visited. 

It was but a dream.  

But inspired, we determined to make the dream a reality.

After many months of hopes raised and dashed, then raised and dashed again, lots of hard work, lots of "daimoku" (that's chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo -- a Buddhist practice ), and other kinds of prayer and meditation, and, of course, the ACTIVE contributions from, (to coin Obama's phrase,) lots of AUDACIOUSLY HOPE- FILLED people across the globe, the moment finally arrived...

In spite of delays, and discouragement, the room was cleared in preparation  for their arrival.....

It looked like this today, when I arrived there with a local networking technician to meet with administration of the school.

Sitting in one corner of the room, packaged just barely, in plastic wrap and tape, patched with signs that said...

 "Donation for the Bingerville Orphanage" they were finally home.

That's Closius! He couldn't believe it was all actually happening! Neither could I.

We unwrapped them unceremoniously, setting each piece aside, gently hoping it would still work!

And slowly, one by one, taking inventory 
and testing each piece with a special electrical currency...uhhh... thing -a-ma-bob, (edit - they are called "UPS currency stabilizers") we pieced  together each of ten complete Microsoft Authorized Refurbished Computers,  ready to go with Windows and Office 2003.

And surprisingly, they made it in good shape! Only a couple of minor bumps and bruises that can be fixed easily, and at no cost!

This is Closius Adjemiane, Education Director for the school, Josua, the intern technician at 
TP Enterprises, the Abidjan based company that is donating its services to the installation -- and yours truly!

And finally... here is the end result...

A new computer center for the students at Bingerville Orphanage for Boys. (Ignore our lunch there in the middle!) 

Thanks to everyone's efforts, the boys
will receive training on the use of internet, Microsoft Office, and even website design computer repair and the like, one day.

In addition, training programs, like reading literacy, SAT and TOEFL prep, and technology literacy may one day be made available to the community, enabling this information center to become a community resource that can help lift the entire population's earning potential and life condition. 

What's next? 
 Lots of details!! Like books and video for the library, online research and webpage, connecting the computers in a network, providing electrical support to help prevent breakdowns, wireless cards, AZERTY keyboard covers, and installing internet access

(Which, by the way rumor has it that it is being provided courtesy of  Cote d'Ivoire Telecom Company for ONE FULL YEAR- FREE!! If it pans out, let's not forget to let them know we appreciate their commitment to community and children!!)

Now for the reality check...

Unfortunately, everything else will cost more money, so if you haven't already, now would be a good time to dump some spare change!  

You may donate via Paypal account, but better, (we had a recent problem with Paypal -though it was corrected without consequence) contact me directly at Children of the Diaspora, United! to find out how you can make a donation. I am at, or, or skype me at kimpiot!

Thanks in advance, tell all your friends, and keep checking in!

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