Saturday, December 29, 2007

One Laptop Per (Really Big) Child

I ordered my XO laptop from One Laptop Per Child program in November 26th during their Give One Get One program that we talked about last month, and received it on December 26th. Not bad! So far, so good! I am able to edit my blog over a cup of coffee already! It takes a little getting used to the Linux based interface and such, but the easy internet access and the cool interconnectivity and communications tools that make it easy for kids to interact electronically make it a really ingenious little tool.
Gotta admit, though, the best thing is knowing that somewhere out there, some little kid is getting as much of a kick as I am everytime I figure something out!

The G1G1 offer ended on December 31st. Check it all out at


It's a great life if you don't weaken said...

It's all good. All love and learning. Bravo to the children.

Children of the Diaspora United said...

Thanks for the comment and support. You're the only one I've gotten in all this time!!

Who are you, though? You seem to have gone to trouble to hide yourself... Why? Is your name supposed to contain a message? For who? Me? Or you?

Anyway, I hope you are still keeping up with us. Read the recent post...

Bravo to the children is right!