Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What about the Girls? The UN Delivers Holiday Cheer to Girls of Grand Bassam

Thankfully, the sister school of our Boys School of Bingerville, the Orphelinat des Filles de Grand-Bassam, also received holiday gifts this year, courtesy of the United Nations in Cote d'Ivoire. It was reported on and that the UNOCI, in partnership with the local organizations, the Rotaract Atlantis and the Scouts, provided a Christmas tree and peace education in a holiday program at the school on Dec. 12. There were several workshops, and the girls "learned the concepts of peace, forgiveness and tolerance." Nice to know we and the UN are on the same wavelength!

I was able to meet and visit the girls school, too, but only once - here are a few of the girls on a day off from classes. I'm planning to continue working with and for them, as well, once I get back to CI. In the meantime, we've already collected some toys and gifts for them, and hope to collect even more, for a shipment sometime in May or June.

As for our boys in Bingerville, their day is coming. The gifts are safely in Abidjan, and due to be delivered to the school on Thursday. Mission (almost) accomplished...! Keep an eye out for the updates!

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